What Is The DrumResort?


There is no competition when it comes to The Drum Resort because it is the first of its kind. The Drum Resort is owned and operated by Eric Moore, a world-renown and full-time musician. His accomplishment includes being one of the founders of Gospel Chops Style drumming and winning Guitar Center Drum-Off. No other Drum Camp has merged classed with a 5 Star housing experience and all inclusive meals Provided Daily.

The Drum Resort will provide drummers with an unforgettable experience. With priceless benefits, like having access to one of the world’s greatest musicians Eric Moore. He will answer questions and providing knowledge of everything from Chops, Grooves, Social Media Branding, Touring, Clinical Experience, Endorsement knowledge, Image Branding, and so much more. The Drum Resort is the first all Inclusive Drummers Paradise; 5 days and 4 Nights Camp located in Las Vegas Nevada including; lodging, food, and a full week’s curriculum.

"Grooves and Chops brought to life in this Drummers Paradise."

- Eric Moore

Eric Moore Membership

Monthly Membership

I am so excited to share this exclusive content with you! When you sign up for my monthly membership plan for $10/month, you get access to lots of great materials that will help you become a better drummer! This membership will give you access to the Chops and Grooves videos associated with the Chops & Grooves E-Books. You can access this material any time from any device! So what are you waiting for? Join Today!


The Entertainment Capital of the World

During your time here at the Drum Resort, there are many things you can do in Las Vegas!Click the button below to find out more!

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